Charley (Tsz Ping) Chan

Graduate Student, The Johns Hopkins University

About Me

Hi! I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. I am affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing.

My current advisors are Chris Callison-Burch and Benjamin Van Durme. We work on large-scale paraphrase aquisition.

My previous advisor was Mounya Elhilali, with whom I worked on biologically inspired auditory signal analysis and modeling of sound perception.

I previously received my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. My masters thesis project with Dr. Shannon Blunt was on reiterative MMSE estimator for direction of arrival estimation and biomedical functional brain imaging with magnetoencephalography signals.

My research interests are data-driven paraphrasing, machine learning, statistical data analysis and signal processing.

Publications and Experience

Other Interests


Email: tsz at jhu dot edu